Purism – the company that respects your freedom and privacy presents a new tablet / laptop

Purism is a company whose most important values ​​are user freedom and privacy. So far the company had two models on the market, but they just introduced their new Librem 11. The Librem 11 is a detachable 11.6-inch 2-in-1 laptop / tablet. They also presented a 10-inch model, although they mainly focus on the 11-inch.


Purism Librem 11

The tablet / laptop can be obtained through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The tablet brings them a little closer to the ultimate goal of producing a Librem smartphone.

By default it comes installed with GNOME Shell and PureOS. PureOS used to be based on Trisquel, the 100% free GNU / Linux distribution, but it started to be based on Debian testing. The CTO at Purism reached out to Debian to discuss Debian OEM images for their machines. This way, for every Purism computer that is sold pre-installed Debian, Debian will receive a donation.

Technical specifications:

Works with any GNU / Linux distribution easily
8GB, up to 16GB RAM
Detachable and accessible parts to upgrade
Detachable keyboard included
6 to 8 hours of battery life
Functional prototype, ready for mass production
Hardware switch to kill:
Wireless networks / Bluetooth
Camera / Microphone

Every day there are more threats to our freedoms and privacy from corporations and governments. Purism understands that users need an alternative to all those proprietary platforms. Therefore their products aim to give back control to the user, giving him the freedom to use the operating system.

Control and Threat Matrix

As I mentioned in the previous post about Purism, I hope this company continues to grow and I hope it infects others with its practices and philosophy.

More information about the models, ways to purchase them and specifications:

Campaign on Indiegogo
4 months of work turned into GNOME, Debian testing based tablet

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