Endoflife.date – know when support for different technologies is finished


 The endoflife.date website is dedicated to maintaining links for the “End Of Life” dates of various tools and technologies. End Of Life generally means that the software is no longer under development, and will not receive even security updates. The reason the site exists is because such information is generally quite hidden in some cases.

The idea came from a Twitter rant where the author compares version information in PHP with that of Ruby, Go, Ubuntu, Python, and more. Some technologies make this information quite visible and easy to find, others do not.

On the site we have a list of technologies in the menu on the left. By choosing one we can see in green the versions that are still supported, and in red those that are not, and how long they have not been supported or how long it is until their end of life cycle.

The website is made with Jekyll and we can see the source code on GitHub and collaborate with Pull Requests for other technologies that we want to add. Over time, more programming languages, GNU / Linux distributions, frameworks, and more will be added.

A very useful tool for various situations, especially in those cases where it is difficult for us to find this information on official sites.

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